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17 days

been gone 17 days, and 17 long nights never gonna let the elevator break me down, oh no let’s go! The grief feels similar to when my mom died. Not as fully devastating, not so close to the bone, not as deeply cellular,  but still devastating, close to the bone, and cellular. The grief, the […]

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Starfish & Coffee

Tough week for Suzyruth. The Artist formerly  known as Prince has left his body. maple syrup and jam I have a bunch to say about how deeply Prince soothed me, how DNAly he made my view of the world a more beautiful place to be in. On the verge of being obscene. So not obscene, […]

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good morning india

      Audrey will be waking up in India for the  first time in about 7 hours.             Audrey is my student, my practice buddy, my friend, my could be daughter, my third series inspiration, and one of my favorite people alive on the planet today. And this today […]

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New Moon Mending

  On this new moon there was a dust off practice. Short, sweet, smooth, done, and then, thanks  to the  new moon, there is the hour or two I can allocate to something other than my personal practice. I will mend Drew’s socks with some of this time. Drew is one of the amazings (to me […]

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Little Man Cyber Monday

As we wrap up November here at Ashtanga Yoga Club Durham we are opening up the Little Man Calendar 2016 sale in a CYBER MONDAY kind of way. Everyone who orders 3 or more calendars TODAY (remember they make great gifts and ALL of the proceeds go straight to the dogs) will get a  Little Man […]

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Original Recipe

25% teacher 25% practice 25% healthy dose of imagination 25% community/students/practice buddies/all yogis everywhere…….. stirred and seasoned with time, time, more time, and time.

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