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couple in bed with chihuahuas at around 4AM husband gets up to go to the bathroom, comes back to bed checks phone….. says nothing wife- what?! who won? husband -Trump wife- what? husband – yes….. wife—sort of sobbing…. I can’t believe this… how did this happen?… I am not ready for this….. husband- well… now […]

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Leopards Break into the Temple

Leopards break into the temple and drink all the sacrificial vessels dry; it keeps happening; in the end, it can be calculated in advance and is incorporated into the ritual. Kafka I am an  Alexander Technique teacher certified and sanctified by my teacher, and my teacher’s teacher, and my teacher’s teacher’s teacher,  and The  American Society […]

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Locationless Location

Where ever (s)he lays his/her mat is his/her home. It matters not where my mat is. For me, my Mysore is where my teacher is instructing. These  Mysores of my description take place in a locationless location.  My teacher is David Garrigues and he is on the move. Hashtag!!! DG is my teacher. This past […]

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17 days

been gone 17 days, and 17 long nights never gonna let the elevator break me down, oh no let’s go! The grief feels similar to when my mom died. Not as fully devastating, not so close to the bone, not as deeply cellular,  but still devastating, close to the bone, and cellular. The grief, the […]

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Starfish & Coffee

Tough week for Suzyruth. The Artist formerly  known as Prince has left his body. maple syrup and jam I have a bunch to say about how deeply Prince soothed me, how DNAly he made my view of the world a more beautiful place to be in. On the verge of being obscene. So not obscene, […]

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good morning india

      Audrey will be waking up in India for the  first time in about 7 hours.             Audrey is my student, my practice buddy, my friend, my could be daughter, my third series inspiration, and one of my favorite people alive on the planet today. And this today […]

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