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Sometimes it Snows in April

April showered me with a few body blows: *a sinus exorcism that revealed I have esophagus cancer in left sinus area. That discovery prompted a full body MRI that revealed that back strain that led me to Urgent Care last month, * is actually also esophagus cancer in my 8th thoracic vertebrae area, very close […]


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Feeling All Kinds of Ways

When Did Somatic Teaching Become a Desk Job? That is easy! mid-March 2020. How do I feel about this? That is a bit complicated. Full discloser, I felt a few ways about teaching yoga, and Alexander in person face to face pre mid-March 2020. For decades I have been honing my sense of proprioception to […]

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What Would Dr. Fauci Do?

What would Dr. Fauci do if he owned an adorable 700 square ft. yoga studio with little room for physical distance and not so great ventilation? That’s easy. He would shut it down. Nikos and I have followed the science and have done just that. AYCD as we have come to know it at 2218 […]

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With a global pandemic, being played out on a planet experiencing climate catastrophes in a country based on systemic racism & social injustice what is a person to do? There are so many options. One can choose any combination of fight, flight and freeze. Civil rights can be demanded for actual real-life real and true […]

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Zoom Incident

This past Sunday, May 17th I had invited the Ashtanga Yoga Club Durham community to a Virtual Sunday Practice. No teaching, no touching, just good new fashioned virtual practice support. We are still AYCD so feel free to shout out words of encouragement. Pets, babies, children, spouses etc. are encouraged to make cameos.PS Nikos or […]

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built in forgetter

I am over 21 years abstinent from drugs and alcohol. I went to a lot of AA meetings. Every once in a while there was something heard, understood or discovered that made a big difference. Something that sticks. One of the ideas that really stuck with me came from a woman going on a near […]

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