Suzanne Faulkner

Head Coach & cheerleader captain of AYCD.

in Loving Memory

As many of you know we lost our head cheerleader, teacher, friend, Suzanne Faulkner, at the beginning of August. A heartbreaking and unbelievable loss to all of us. This last May, Suzanne asked if I would be willing to take over the online offerings for AYCD and I agreed without hesitation. From the moment I met Suzanne she accepted me as a friend and treated me as a kindred spirit of yoga studies, love of dogs, and appreciation for fantastic jewelry. Over time she folded me into the community of Ashtanga Yoga Club Durham, just as she did with many of you. She practiced along side us, taught us from her heart and in the end honored me with the task of carrying the torch in her absence. This I plan to continue to do through online classes and emails and any other way I can for as long as you all continue to come together and support each other on this path.

Here is a link to her beautiful Obituary written by her sister Valerie Faulkner which includes information about her memorial service and a link to Suzy’s Blog which we will keep in place for you to return to for inspiration through her words and thoughts from over the years.