Restorative Session


Restorative Session
Saturday, August 16: 12–1:45pm
No experience necessary!

By constantly placing demands on ourselves, both mentally and physically, we deplete our energy. We do this through work, family obligations and other things we are passionate about.

Without giving something to ourselves to restore that energy, there’s not much to give to the things we believe in and the people we love. So as a beautiful compliment to an active practice and busy lifestyle there is restorative yoga.

This lovely practice is designed to relax your central nervous system by giving your body and mind time to “reset” itself in active rest: a cultivation of stillness and conscious breathing. Practicing restorative postures gives you the opportunity to investigate habitual holding patterns in your body. By staying in the position for a longer period of time in a supported way you get the chance to identify those holdings so you can start to release them and lessen the tension in your body.

Join teacher Joanna Darlington for this beautiful compliment to an active practice and busy lifestyle.

Sign-up on official clipboard at Ashtanga Yoga Club Durham or email Suzanne at

Space is limited, please pre-register.
Fee: $25 ($20 for AYCD Members)