Joanna Darlington

After years of searching for a better understanding of this life and following a desire to uncover a true means of self-care, Joanna found relief through the study of Yoga. In 2003 She began studying several styles of yoga asana including Iyengar and restorative, eventually discovering and maintaining a primary focus in the Ashtanga vinyasa system. Using the Ashtanga curriculum, Joanna continually endeavors to deepen her study of Hatha yoga and all of its limbs.

For more than a decade she has focused her teaching on helping students discover alignment and strength in their own, individual practice. This involves keen observation of and input from each student concerning their particular circumstances, abilities and limitations. Joanna feels that with compassion comes understanding, and a mutual understanding forms a stable base for deep learning and absorption. She is senior apprentice to her teacher David Garrigues and follows his lineage, continuing to share the teachings as they have been passed down to her. When Joanna is not teaching, she continues to assist David during his weekend workshops and mysore intensives both across the US and abroad, and firmly believes that people of all shapes, sizes and levels can benefit from this practice.