Prana is Direction Elephant is Cheetah

Inside the asana when yoga. Inside the activity when Alexander Technique. Both ways of studying self have their own language, their own strengths, gaps, prejudices, over sights, genius, beauty and wisdom (not an exhaustive list). Both are aiming to effect the flow of energy. Prana when yogaing.  Directions when Alexandering. I have been studying Alexander since I was 24, […]

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Title Nine Minus 2018

or What Does Inappropriate Mean in Today’s World? WARNING: This blog is not about yoga. This blog is about ME My living in an athletic female body that was molested by her gymnastics coach at 13. I did not tell anyone but my little sister. I knew no one wanted to hear what I had to […]

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Perfunctory Practice

These past few weeks my practice has  been less than amazing in terms of duration, or rigor. The best thing about my practice is it truly is a practice. It is something that I have built my life around,  we have a deep, long, loving relationship. Even though this practice is mine, I share it […]

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couple in bed with chihuahuas at around 4AM husband gets up to go to the bathroom, comes back to bed checks phone….. says nothing wife- what?! who won? husband -Trump wife- what? husband – yes….. wife—sort of sobbing…. I can’t believe this… how did this happen?… I am not ready for this….. husband- well… now […]

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Leopards Break into the Temple

Leopards break into the temple and drink all the sacrificial vessels dry; it keeps happening; in the end, it can be calculated in advance and is incorporated into the ritual. Kafka I am an  Alexander Technique teacher certified and sanctified by my teacher, and my teacher’s teacher, and my teacher’s teacher’s teacher,  and The  American Society […]

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