What Would Dr. Fauci Do?

What would Dr. Fauci do if he owned an adorable 700 square ft. yoga studio with little room for physical distance and not so great ventilation? That’s easy. He would shut it down.

Nikos and I have followed the science and have done just that. AYCD as we have come to know it at 2218 North Roxboro Street has been shut down. The decision was difficult when I/we thought about what we had built and what we were giving up, but then the decision was suddenly easy when I/we thought about anyone of us getting sick from practicing together. Shut it down. Let it go.

We will continue offering Sat led class at 9AM via AYCDurham on Instagram Sun mysore style class at 9AM via the Zoom.

AYCD has been through several configurations, so the end of this particular manifestation is not the end of AYCD.

For me, it is time to turn my energy towards maintaining, constantly reviving, cheering for, deepening, easing into, my own practice. And I hope you do the same for your practice because your practice is an aspect of AYCD’s currently seemingly dormant reconfiguration.

For now, I encourage the paradox of striking an ever changing balance between the freedom and necessity to investigate the unknown and face change head, neck, back, torso, legs and feet straight on! And the bravery to investigate what is worth keeping and what must be let go of in the zone of familiar.

I see a yoga mat in my ever changing normal.