Leopards Break into the Temple

Leopards break into the temple and drink all the sacrificial vessels dry; it keeps happening; in the end, it can be calculated in advance and is incorporated into the ritual. Kafka
I am an  Alexander Technique teacher certified and sanctified by my teacher, and my teacher’s teacher, and my teacher’s teacher’s teacher,  and The  American Society of the Alexander Technique.
I have been studying  this work for over 30 years, it is my go to thinking curriculum.
the forward-and-up direction of my head in relation to my torso is inseparable from the behavior of lengthening and widening of my torso, with and as my feet oppose the ground.
For many years,  in fact for decades I have been trying to keep my Alexander  separate  from my yoga. Separate  for an unsulliedness that is impossible and unnecessary.

The leopards have broken into the temple and they are wonderful.

I am really digging this quote and the including the vessels being dry, tightened, tired, stolen…. and calculating this reality into how to begin. Inhibition begins with the taking, the overdoing, the theft, the you name IT, and with thinking, with calculating from past  not enoughs, past too muchness, (IT is the thing that is F’ing up the ritual) is transformed into the opposing forces that are the foundation of my multi-dimensional rituals, the mind changing daily grind of choosing to improve my primary control.
I have taken a vow of writing a book about the Alexander Technique.
This book will be finished in two years or less.
Suzanne Ruth Faulkner the Second of my name.