good morning india

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Audrey will be waking up in India for the  first time in about 7 hours.







Audrey is my student, my practice buddy, my friend, my could be daughter, my third series inspiration, and one of my favorite people alive on the planet today.

And this today she is right now in India for her very first time! She went to India to study with my teacher David Garrigues. For 6 years David has been going to Kovalam, India  in February to teach an intensive month of ashtanga yoga.I went in 2013, and every year since I have fumbled the ball on getting back over there.

This year it is Audrey’s turn to be there! Go Audrey Go!

I am so happy for you.  Learn lots.

Kerala Style,

xo Suzanne Faulkner

sweet video of Audrey & Suzanne getting through third