New Moon Mending



On this new moon there was a dust off practice. Short, sweet, smooth, done, and then, thanks  to the  new moon, there is the hour or two I can allocate to something other than my personal practice.

I will mend Drew’s socks with some of this time. Drew is one of the amazings (to me they are all amazing) that practice here at my tiny study in the sky. He has special socks he wears when he goes out into the woods. Those socks have a sprung some holes. I am a top-notch mender.

Drew’s feet are special.  He was born with one of those feet facing backwards.  Many surgeries, many medicines, and now many  practices he mends his foot forwards.

Speaking of mending, I would like to mend the world-wide Ashtanga community today. Good work for a new moon. I, Suzanne Ruth Faulkner the Second toss some sweet, soft, new moon love and kindness out to all ashtangis, all bears, all bees, all new born any type of creature, all creatures of all ages.  I  also toss this soft new moon love dust on plants, blankets, blocks, straps, earth, wind, fire, time, and space, and you. Love to you.

I bow to the Lotus Feet of everyone and everything everywhere. I live in the house of ignoramus. My yoga studio is in the attic of that house. I know so little. Praise Vishnu, Praise Santa  that I may be  a life long learner, and perhaps I will string some knowledge together.

Love is an action word, a verb.  Today, for me, the meaning of the word is playing out in a pair of socks.

enjoy the new moon

xo Suzanne Ruth Faulkner




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