my mysore

speaking from the first person.

speaking from my experience.

speaking with love for my practice.

This week my mysore is on Jewler’s Row in sunny downtown Philadelphia.

Leon’s around the corner from Asthanga Yoga School of Philadelphia

When I started ashtanga I was struggling with _________.  I was determined to  cease with the destructive behavior of making my life a monument for how I had been wronged by that person that molested me, that person that did not come to my gymnastic meets, that other person that smoked, the other person that was not forthcoming with hugs and words of encouragement. enough already . I was 28 and more than meeting Gurugi i needed to meet myself.

My 28 year old self  spent money she did not have. I knew part of my change was needing to be based in fiscal responsibility,  the decision to NOT GO to go to Mysore and study with Sri K Pattabi Jois on my credit cards that were already jacked was a move toward change. I dug in and  stayed in my sleepy little southern town and practiced ashtanga at the dance studio that had a few ashtanga classes. I chose the unhabitual. I choose to stay.

25 years later.

I have been to my mysore many times.

And my mysore is wherever David Garrigues is teaching ashtanga yoga.

I have been to my mysore in Moscow, Tel Aviv,  the Outer Banks of North Carolina, Kovalam India, My own yoga studio in the  formally sleep southern town of Durham North Carolina, and of course Philadelphia.

Jeweler’s Row here I come.

Suzy and David w/ Hanuman
Suzy and David w/ Hanuman

Suzanne Faulkner

ashtanga yoga doer