Team Ashtanga/littleman photoshoot

I have always considered myself an animal first, human second, and athlete third. My animal needs her pack, my human needs her community, and my athlete needs and loves her team. There is no sport, no game, no practice without the team.

Even before I was born I had a team. My Dad was a football coach and my Mom went to all the games. Go Team Go, it is in my blood. Nowhere in the world do I feel more at home than at a football game.The sound of the crowd, the band, the whistles. The smell of popcorn and pretzels.

After college, I went a few years without a team…. I floundered.

And then I found ashtanga.

Praise the lord and pass the spray bottle.

I would be lost without Team Ashtanga. EKAM!

THANKS to AYCD for showing up for the

first  official  photo-shoot for the 2015 Little Man Calendar. xo


2 thoughts on “Team Ashtanga/littleman photoshoot

  1. Even if don’t make the official calendar I’m honored to have that pic of little man on my belly exist! The Durham studio has always been one of my happy places to visit when I’m in town…even when I’m sad. You’re my Mysore away from home, Suzanne.

    Thank you!

    Love from New York

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