the dogma of non dogma

rules of non dogma
old dogma don’t hunt no more
hunt or be hunted

to haiku or not to haiku?
what was the question?

we know the answer is love……

whispered, shouted or inside voiced the answer is always love.
and sometimes the answer is also tough.

centripetal & centrifugal forces. One is not really a force the other is really a law. They act together.

Act now.

Think it through.

Get run over by a walmart truck and stay off the road.

All I am trying to say is….. . . . . . .

I know Janusirsana A is a 20 count asana.
I have been taught this, I care about this, I practice this, and I teach this.
It is not rigid and akc certified dogmatic due to it having a form, a structure, a way of being that is itself. And anyway, I don’t mind rigid. I mind rigid all the time. I doggedly seek the antagonistic actions of opposing forces. There is a strong gentle soothing and demanding lightness in the rigidity of the interplay of opposites.

H20 is for reals, she is not uptight. If you feel like flowing with H30, feel it all you like. Follow your bliss. To thine own self be true , and do save my number for when your well runs dry. The answer is always a tall drink of fresh water. I love water. I am a bag of mostly water.

Where is the drishti in this pose? Stop it with the unanswerable questions.
Drishti is everywhere. The form is the drishti. Look at it. Contemplate it. Focus on it. Don’t just do it. For goodness sake just do it. What is it? And why is it so itself?

ekam inhale.

my favorite poem of all time.


Someone shouts ,”Hey!” from a car.

The deer look up, ears perked,and say,

“What do you want from us, we are only some deer in a field.”

I found this poem in Rolling Stone Magazine when I was inHigh School around 1978. I remember the author being anonymous.

The above poem is not a haiku.

centripetal and centrifugal