Primary Series: Modified



This video is about determination and desperation brought on by an ashtanga practice obstacle of extraordinary proportions– a broken talus and fibula.

If you look carefully at Jo’s foot you will see it is purple. I will tell you that it fracking hurts!
Ice and elevate, ice and elevate, ice-cream and elevate, ice and elevate, practice, practice practice.

It was amazing practicing next to her when she could barely stand and the pain level was
always above 8. The practice did not increase the pain level, the practice wraps around her entire body and mind and assists in the healing.

There I was right next to her, trying to get my internal excuses going, but they were so obviously petty, unneeded incorrect habits of thinking that it was almost comical.

Practicing next to Joanna while she was healing form her broken foot has been a huge gift.

I love Joanna Darlington, she is my slow burn bhakti hero.


4 thoughts on “Primary Series: Modified

  1. Jo this was very eye opening and refreshing! It reminds me that there is no need to be perfect but it also let’s me know there are no excuses that should hold you from your practice. Suzanne this is why I love your studio because it’s about growth and not show. Blessings ladies.

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