let me see your kapotasana

There she was Ashtanga Yoga Club Durham’s sweet Aurelia…. minding her own business, engaging her bandhas, listening to her breath, keeping the drisiti solid.

She hears the words that are being spoken often during the month of February  by David Garrigues’ in his new shala at the Golden Sands Hotel in Kovalam India…..

“Let me see your kapotasana”…. She thinks… Me?? 
There could be several other ashtangis he is speaking to… 
I will keep on going… 
Maybe he is asking  Lauren or Amber, or Michael to  do, or more like re-do kapotasana.  
BUT this time it is Aurelia’s turn!

Go Aurleia Go!

I am so happy for you to be experiencing David Garriugues Kovalam Style!

I feel like you have gone off to college or something!

Learn lots. Eat some dosa for me.


thank you Lauren aka Captain Kovalam for sending these photos