31 days called January

it started  with a new moon.

new year’s day savasana

on new year’s day we got together for a silent group primary series. It was very interesting, very soothing . We stayed together via our breath.
I dragged my husband out to a new year’s day party the next town over. we spun Ganesha’s wheel.

New Year’s Day 

Later that evening my little doggie Antonio got sick.  We took him to the emergency vet where we found out he had next to no platelets. Later later that night we were burying him in the backyard. Tough first day. happy new year?

rest in peace my sweet boy

Little Man being lonely

the next week is a bit of a blur….
the next week also a blur….
I did yoga, I taught yoga, I walked little man.

my crew

my husband’s birth day is January 18th.

 So, after a rousing saturday morning led primary in our adorable ashtanga studio we rushed off to the local animal shelter and adapted a little wreck of a malnourished  big eared chihuahua. Not to replace Antonio, but to be a pal to our other chihuahua who was sulking around without his big bro.

the big eared guy in cage P4


For a special birthday dinner I took husband to a super great Japanese restaurant  Yamazushi .We usually eat wolf style. Fast. We are done before others begin. This Japanese meal was smooth and well paced.  Purposefully calming. Taking time to be with the lovingly prepared food was somehow transforming. I remember falling  in love with Nikos again during the evening.

we even put on fancy clothes

Meanwhile that same evening in NYC, my dear friend Joanna slips off a rock and lands in such a way that she shatters her talus bone. This slip from the rock, this accident, is also going to be transforming, and I will once again fall in love with Joanna all over again too.

somewhere in NYC

At this very moment, January 31st, my husband is being led through the primary series by Eddie Stern in Richmond Virginia. I was looking forward to going with him on an ashtanga road trip to my ashtanga buddy Alicia Golden’s studio Ashtanga Yoga Richmond.  I was looking forward to dedicating a weekend to my practice and spending time with ashtangis.

I am here in Durham. Little  Man to my left and Skeeter to my right on our couch at home. I have stayed here in Durham to care for my friend Joanna. She has come here to  get medical attention  and rest and mend and do chihuahua pranyama.

I can dedicate my weekend to my practice and spend time with ashtangis right here 

january is coming to a close 
new moon to new moon
 it was a hell of a ride
 i have never felt so blessed in all my life

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