no shoes required

or yoga is wonderful….
what are you calling yoga if it is so wonderful?? the yoga I have come to know is demanding, difficult, sometimes wonderful, sometimes not wonderful at all.

is it wrong of me to consider vinyasa flow classes to be more like an aerobics class, more like a fitness craze than “real” yoga?  Is it “real” yoga if it is done once a week? Is it “real” yoga if the person is not interested in the spiritual aspect of the disciple? is it real yoga if it is wonderful?
When did I get to be the keeper of the  “real”yoga?…..

Shakespeare said via the voice of Juliette on the balcony about her  Romeo “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”, this is true, but if it is not a rose, calling it a rose does not make it a rose.  People who have never seen a real rose, when seeing and smelling the non-rose collection of matter being falsely called rose will be mislead by the naming.

And that is the situation going on here in my town. We have a great deal of  air-conditioned, or super heated,  Madonna music cranking, athletes clapping for each other due to executing a nice bit of athleticism  90 minute gatherings with a 15 dollar cover charge masquerading under the name of yoga.

areobics with a yoga influenced approach, yoga type of exercise class, stretching and strength training no shoes required….

but please do not call it yoga! yoga is yoga, it is not almost yoga, it is yoga.  So how does a person who has never smelled or tasted or seen or done yoga know if it is really yoga?

when did I get to be the keeper of what yoga is? when did I start to care about who calls what/what?
WWSKPJD? Nancy Gilgoff and David Williams have both stated, in different settings at different times, for different reasons that Pattabhi Jois told them,  “Just to hear the WORD yoga in this lifetime is a blessing.”
We are truly blessed. That is wonderful.
I will now try to pull this piece together… the only way i know yoga is from yoga.
the yoga i know from yoga is demanding. the yoga i know from yoga is relentless.
the yoga i know from yoga is so hard. the yoga i know from yoga is what it is.

yoga is known from yoga