the big little man shoot


little man assisting Kevin in upside down lotus

 A chihuahua (of mixed origin) pound puppy type of dog adjustment clinic calendar.

it is sort of a shout out to Mr. Winkle!

and sort of a sarcastic pre-emptive balm to the  onslaught of dog yoga, cat yoga, horse yoga calendars I see in the everywhere!

JO and the little in halasana

mika and the little guy

Little Man is the official  pound puppy super star

Ellen O  pet photographer and all around animal lover is our photographer

ellen, littleman and rich

ashtanga yoga club durham members are the sweaty models doing the yoga.

25% of proceeds go to the Durham Animal Shelter  from where Little Man was adopted

most of our yoga clothes are stained or torn or old or all three.

hair styled by  several hours of  yoga.

anastasia getting the double assist
dalia getting the house specialty savasana assist

no joke! 2014 with a little help from little man calendar coming soon….