Welcome Back

The Welcome Back Practice.

If you have not had a welcome back practice well then…. either you have been practicing only one day so far, or well … self report continues to be unreliable.

It’s okay, it’s fine, it’s how it is. Welcome Back.

The reasons for taking some time off practice are as varied as the people that take the time.

Ms. Faulkner and some of her fantastic reasons!

A smattering of my personal longer than a week  reasons: Grad school while also working a 60 hour work week as a special education public school teacher, Noro virus, vertigo, depression, …..

Some of my friends have a slightly more interesting items on the list: Getting married and going on an adventure  type of honeymoon, giving birth,  remodeling a house from the bare bones to a thing of livable beauty, making a movie, canoeing the amazon…..

can’t wait to meet this little reason

No matter the reasons, when it is time to get back to practice, you are welcome back to practice!

I have  been to many AA meetings, and at nearly every one, someone gets a white chip.  The white chip signifies the decision to live sober; to live sober one day at a time, to start the program.  Often, the white chip signifies a re-making of the decision, and  a re-starting the program. NO MATTER WHAT! The person getting the white chip is welcome and welcomed back. “Keep coming back!”
There are the very few people who get that one white chip and then live happily sober ever after. They are of course blessed. They work their program and the results are obvious. There are the “chronic” white chippers. They keep needing the re-starting because they drank again.  Many people with many years of sobriety were at one point  the chronic type of white chippers.  They are also blessed because they kept coming back.They used to  need what seemed like an inordinate amount of support, and now they are the backbone of the support.

In a way, EVERY practice is a welcome back practice. Every day when I step on my mat is a new day.

Yesterday was a close call. I really almost did not make it to my mat. I had the list going in my head;  I was hungry, I was tired, I was  fine with taking a day off, the new moon was still looking awfully new, I needed to do some other stuff….But thank goodness I have a habit of practicing, an urge to practice, an impulse to break away for the reasons to not practice. I set the intention of doing the primary series as it is, no dinking around. It was so lovely!  It was so  light. It was like the best thing that had ever happened to me. I was so grateful for the experience. It had been a very close call.

Today I was able to get on my mat in my own house without a teacher watching over me.  No joke I think I figured out ekabaddha bakasana A today!! I have been working on that pose for a little over a year. Also no joke, I believe that the primary series   I did the day before pointed the way to the eka A of today.

I have invited a few yogis to come practice with me tomorrow at 7 am.

You are welcome to join us. 
My studio has a strong welcome back policy in effect.



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