Philadelphia, We Have a Situation…..

did he just say, “again”?

This is  command vessel Apollo 51.4 checking in for her arrival into the ashtanga atmosphere surrounding 733 Sansom Street on Jewelry Row in Center City Philadelphia….UUmmm…everything was going just fine.  
The flight log confirms  a month of consistent practice:  3rd three times a week,  second with some third, just second, and a primary once a week,  with pranyama everyday. There was of course some turbulence, some resistance, but we got the job done.
Last week we noticed our left knee getting more and more incredibly sore and painful, so we eased up a bit on Virinchasana B for a few days. Just as the knee was regaining some of its use and functioning……about 48 hours later…
The left shoulder lost communication with the rest of the ship. There were several days it could bear almost none of its usual load, so without consulting  anyone about anything… we eased up on arm balances. Some of the power has returned to the left shoulder, but it is not  back to its full capacity as of yet.
Got sick for a few days with fever and report general fever related feeling terrible.

the situation.

Perhaps due to the fever, or perhaps due to how fracking hard this mission is in this aging vessel all alone out here in space….there were a few days of shoddy record keeping brought on by shoddy pracitcing and therefore there was very little  in the way of notes to record in the practice log. We seem to have laid off… well… nearly everything.
Today’s practice was ten suryanam A’s and that was super (fracking) hard. We can happily report a strong central axis but, please note, self report is notoriously unreliable.
DG and me in parsvakonasana
during OBX 5 day mysore event

And that is where we sit and stand upon our pre-flight arrangements for  touchdown into Ashtanga Yoga School of Philadlephia’s  Second Series In-depth Study. Wish me luck, love and stamina as I prepare for re-enty into the ashtanga atmoshpere of my teacher David Garriugues.

Faulkner with her husband actual
Tell my husband I love him very much, he knows..
Suzanne Faulkner 
Captain of Apollo 51.4
signing IN

classes continue at
ashtanga yoga club durham
while faulkner is away.


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