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lady liberty and faulkner at JFK airport

Last time I did  yoga in JFK   airport was the year 2000. I was In NYC to practice ashtanga with Pattabhi Jois. it was an amazing trip. When not having an amazing ashtanga time in the Puck Building with Guruji and a few hundred fired up ashtangis, I was biking around NYC shopping and sight seeing. I purchased a little red tank top  with an American flag on it.  I wore the shirt to yoga the next day. I got a space in the front row.  Guruji gave me a ton of adjustments and called me America. When I jumped back  he said “Good America!” It was such an honor to meet Guruji. When I got to the airport my flight was delayed for several hours, so of course I did a primary series and  of course I wore my America T-shirt to keep the spirit of the weekend going strong.
 I am on my way home from 5 weeks studying ashtanga with my teacher David Garrigues in India. It was amazing, intense, exhilarating and exhausting.  We wrapped up the  five week study with a primary series. Then Saturday I packed and ate as many chapatiis as I possibly could and that night I began my journey home.  A rick shaw ride  to the airport to begin the what is turning out to be a three day event.  Trivandrum to Dubia. That was easy! Not to brag, but I upgraded to business class and got my devi ridden 71 pound  luggage checked in with no charge. I slept like a princess on the plane in my  fully reclining seat with my special super thick princess pillows and blankets. The 19 hour layover in Dubai was not such a dream. I purchased a Dubai Transit pass and went and saw some of that crazy city. It sparkles. It shines. Everything is so clean and tidy. After 5 weeks in India it was like being in opposite land. I sat and drank a coffee at a cafe where  men where smoking hukha-like  water pipes. Across the shiny clean orderly highway filled with shiny clean orderly cars being driven by shiny clean people I spy  ONE piece of trash. A white plastic bag in the middle of the pinkest  flower bed  in the world.  I marveled at that piece of trash in that  bright pink flower bed  for a long time and got homesick for India. 
Then a 14 hour flight to JFK. I watched The Matrix. It was so great, that I watched it a second time without sound. Follow the white rabbit.
I  miss a flight to Raleigh-Durham and here I am with a 10 hour layover in NYC. After a rather fantastic crying spree about not making the  flight, I realized that I could get a practice in.  It is great to be back in the USA. I am home, I just need that last detail of a few hundred miles to occur. I put on my little red American flag shirt that I wore for Gurugi and did a lovely primary series in the jet Blue terminal. It was probably not so lovely to look at , but it sure was lovely from the inside. I sit at the gate and wait for my flight. In a few hours I will seem my husband and my chihuahuas. This is turning out to be a fantastic day.

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