October Images Spiders and M&M’s


October Images:  spiders n candy with a football analogy thrown in

 October is SO beautiful in North Carolina.  All  North Carolininias are  outside taking walks,  riding bikes, talking about the great sunshine and the wonderful weather.  The spiders seem to be  just as pleased with this month as the humans. They are everywhere making  fantatic webs and adding to the  glory that is October in  North Caolina’s  Piedmont. 
I was explaining  to a student to not puff open the bottom of her rib cage in samasthithi.  Words were flying out of my mouth … and then the image of the Golden Orb Spider and her special web came to me and saved me from all of the words.

“Like the spider that makes her web like this”

I zig zaggged a web on her lower ribs. She got it. She is a gardener, a grower of vegetables and spices. I wouldn’t use the spider web image on every student, but I  had a feeling this yogi would get it.

Not only did she get it, she took this picture and sent it to me later that same day! 

Golden Orb Spider in yogis garden
image of a Golden Orb Spider webbing together the lower ribs

If  picture is worth a thousand words … I’m done here!

(and yet, I go on!)

 This analogy was first used  by me in a led class when a student asked me to explain mulabandah. I had my mouth full of sanskrit, and could hardly even think let alone verbally explain mulabandah in any language, while leading a primary series.  So I threw out a hail mary pass (there is the football analogy) in the form of this image–your torso is a bag of M&Ms with a little opening in the bottom… Mulabandha is the act of sealing up that hole with thought. “Don’t let your candies fall out  of the little hole in the bottom of your M & M’s bag.. Seal the  bottom of the bag, with your mind“.

m&m torso with little hole in bottom of bag
m&ms falling out of bag

husband actual at the Nasher  Museum of Art experiencing Utkatasana in a recent art exhibit!