Garrigues 4th visit to
Ashtanga Yoga Club Durham 

November 16th 17th and 18th
in the spirit of AYCD’s donation based approach
this workshop is being offered on sliding scale
email suzanne to reserve your space: suzyruth2@yahoo.com

David Garrigues is the director of the Ashtanga Yoga School of Philadelphia. He is one of a few teachers in the US certified to teach Ashtanga Yoga by Yoga Master Sri K Pattabhi Jois. As an Ashtanga Ambassador he bases his teachings on the idea that ‘Anyone can take practice.’ said by Sri K Pattabhi Jois. He is dedicated to sharing the beauty and soul of Ashtanga Yoga with everyone.
David’s mission is to be part of an ever wider circle of people who are dedicated to exploring the living, contemporary, lineage of Ashtanga Yoga. He wants to join with enthusiastic people who are open and committed to learning and applying the teachings in ways that promote physical, psychological, and spiritual growth in themselves and others.
This workshop will be a lively, inspirational, and in-depth investigation into asana practice and theory. The various classes will help improve understanding of how asana is the practice of awakening the entire ‘inner field’ of the body, a process that shows us how to be more joyous, safe, and effective in the yoga. We’ll study foundational principles that help us think creatively about how to make progress in and refine each asana within the context of the given sequence. 
We’ll explore the subtleties of Vinyasa to:
  1. *Improve the transitions into and out of postures
  2. *Discover the root alignment principles
  3. *Explore how we can remain conscious, alert, and grounded in the ‘immovable spot’
  4. *Perfect the “crouch and spring”
  5. *Invigorate the postures by tuning into and illuminating, the fiery pillar of light, the vertical centerline, the glorious Pranic axis of the body
  6. *Expand and free the Shakti, the creative power, by learning how to utilize Mula, Uddiyana, and Jalandhara bandhas properly
  7. *Experience how the flow of life force along the central axis can become a continual fountain, an ever-renewing source, of psychological growth, insight and self-knowledge.   
Types of classes:
1. Mysore Style Class
Intended for those students who have a regular practice in the Ashtanga system. 
Receive helpful, inspiring individual instruction in a group setting. David has been conducting daily Mysore classes for more than 15 years. He shares his knowledge generously with care, passion, and precision!  
2. Pranayama Class
We’ll work with basic pranayama including ujjayi (victorious breath), viloma (interrupting the breath), and khumbhaka (retaining the breath), and also explore a portion of the Ashtanga pranayama sequence as taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. 
3. Chanting Yoga Sutra’s and Lectures
Chanting the Yoga Sutras is an excellent way to experience the sound vibrations of the Sanskrit language as a means to deepening your understanding of the eight limbs.  See below for the lecture topics.  These sessions will hopefully inspire each of us to go further in our daily asana practice and to appreciate how the Ashtanga vinyasa practice is powerfully centered within the greater context of Yoga.  

6-8pm Light on Ashtanga Yoga:
Subtleties of Breathing and the Asanas of Surya Namaskara
8-10am Mysore-style practice
10-11am Pranayama
11:30-1:00pm Chanting & Discussion: 
Ashtanga’s Dynamic Dimension
8-10am Led Primary Series
10-11am Pranayama
11:30-1:00pm  Chanting & Discussion: 
Secrets of Mudra: Bandha Control is Mind Control
1:00-2:00pm Coffee and food items downstairs
Sign up has begun for ashtangis able to commit to the whole event in its entirety.
In the spirit of AYCD’s donation based approach we are offering this workshop on a sliding scale basis.
 $175.00- $225.00 for the entire weekend all classes
 Partial participation sign up will begin in a few weeks 

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