Ashtanga Yoga Club Durham is an intentionally small  space offering instruction
for individuals interested in developing 
an informed and consistent personal practice using the ashtanga yoga system.

Saturday, October 1, 11:30am – 12:45pm
Modifying your Practice   Fee: $20


legs up the wall is yoga!

There are times that modifying your practice becomes necessary for one reason or another. This class will help you learn to use modifications as a means of developing your practice regardless of the situation in a deliberate and informed way. Not only will you learn to skillfully use modifications, this class will help you find enjoyment where you are, no mater the circumstances.

email suzyruth2@yahoo.com to register

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New People
Take a look at the our space section of this website.

 Send us an email to touch base BEFORE coming to practice with us.

Thank you, Nikos & Suzanne