DG-OBX 2014 beach bonfire

DG-OBX 2014
beach bonfire


we are back from the beach!

SATURDAY 13th led primary, class is on as usual
SUNDAY 14th mysore we are still back, and class is still on as usual


JO in her red Montana ashtanga studio

JO in her red Montana ashtanga studio

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Lots going on at AYCD including this years photoshoot for the 2015 littleman calendar!

Go check it out and sign up for one of these awesome saturday sessions.

One more thing…

If you or someone you know might be interested in learning more about ashtanga and the mysore style, sign up for one of our introduction courses! Learn ashtanga the traditional way by developing a strong foundation through repetition and memorization. Jai! 

New  people please take a look at the “our space” section of this website, and send us an email BEFORE attending your first class. 


           Nikos & Suzanne